From size 2, the NTT design provides great safety when the TONOFLEX is used at the limits of its misalignment capacity. This is achieved by axially locating the barrels by means of heat treatment steel rings and circlips.


  •  Acceptance of large radial forces.
  •  Possible angular misalignment up to ± 1°30′ max.
  •  Axial displacement from ± 3 mm to ± 8 mm can be absorbed according to the sizes.
  •  Minimum movement of slipping the teeth, thanks to the barrel being balanced.
  •  High safety against the overloads.
  •  High wear resistance.
  •  The design excludes the risk of tooth breakage due to the bending stress.
  •  External control of wear is permitted thanks to an index fxed on the outer cover without coupling dismantling.Thanks to this index and appropriate marks on the coupling hub, the axial positioning of the cover into the hub is easier