Groupe CIF Branche of industrie Brochures

We proudly present our latest Brochures organized by Branche of industries for the end user. You can find the Brochures for the branches:  Cement, Mining, Infrastructure, Sugar, Wind and Steel here under or in the download area of the homepage.                               […]

INVAR® und SPF for the aeronautic field

The Groupe Cif and Ferry Capitain has several essential assets for the production of parts in the field of aeronautics. A team of highly skilled engineers. Casting simulation software. Full CAD/CAM capability to offer design alternatives to reduce manufacturing costs. AOD (Argon, Oxygen, Decarburization) converter to produce special alloys. A full range of CNC machine […]


FerryNod® the ferrous alloy developed and refined by FERRY CAPITAIN, enables the transmission of up to 10MW per gear mesh in open gearing applications due to a minimum through-hardness of up to 360 BHN.