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The company FCMD GmbH is represented on the BAUMA 2019, we look forward to your visit and to answer gladly questions about our products, services, or our enterprise! We are waiting for you!

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INVAR® und SPF for the aeronautic field

The Groupe Cif and Ferry Capitain has several essential assets for the production of parts in the field of aeronautics.

  • A team of highly skilled engineers.
  • Casting simulation software.
  • Full CAD/CAM capability to offer design alternatives to reduce manufacturing costs.
  • AOD (Argon, Oxygen, Decarburization) converter to produce special alloys.
  • A full range of CNC machine tools for the machining of complex shapes.

Cast parts are generally produced from one of two grades of steel:

  • SPF cast steel (Super Plastic Forming)
  • Special alloyed cast steel with high dimensional stability