Thank you !

We had a great time at the Bauma Fair 2019! We wanted to thank all the people who came to visit us ! Here are some photos of our stand for those who couldn’t come !        See you next time!

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INVAR® und SPF for the aeronautic field

The Groupe Cif and Ferry Capitain has several essential assets for the production of parts in the field of aeronautics.

  • A team of highly skilled engineers.
  • Casting simulation software.
  • Full CAD/CAM capability to offer design alternatives to reduce manufacturing costs.
  • AOD (Argon, Oxygen, Decarburization) converter to produce special alloys.
  • A full range of CNC machine tools for the machining of complex shapes.

Cast parts are generally produced from one of two grades of steel:

  • SPF cast steel (Super Plastic Forming)
  • Special alloyed cast steel with high dimensional stability